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Glossmax for Skyrim?


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Anyone remember this nifty tool back from Oblivion day?




It was basically a tool to quickly turn skin meshes to their oily appearances by setting the glossiness at 100 in nifskope


I wonder if anyone is thinking of maybe doing the same for Skyrim? seeing as how the glossiness value of Skyrim meshes are simpler to edit in nifskope than Oblivion.


I have no knowledge o making tools like this, but just bringing this to your attentions. Maybe someone talented will take a crack at it.

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This is how you'd do it in Skyrim... GlossMax just saved people trouble from using NifSkope' date=' right?






Yes, I know about that, however, I am talking about armors, especially skimpy ones that show skins. When equipped, they all have different skin gloss values. I used to have hundreds of armor mods for oblivion so Glossmax really helps and since Skyrim armor meshes always have 2 for each, it takes a really long time if you want more gloss on all armors. Glossmax makes it easy to convert most of the armors and the others that it can't get toi can be converted manually if necessary.

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Hey OP just download the CHSBHC BBP Golden Elven Palace Armor or CHSBHC BBP Snow Leopard Forsworn "wet" file. Use only the body texture of those files and it should make whatever body your using "wet".


I wasn't satisfied with the "wet" file, it made my char look metallic. So I played with the gloss as well, turns out more gloss makes the shine look sharper like oil rather than blurry like bronze. So you gotta do both. ^^

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