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Looking for help to fix an abandoned mod


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Stick with me for a minute here. :)


I've found a beloved old mod that eluded me for the longest time because it was lost among so many similar files: "Natural Skyrim Rain". There are loads of rain / weather mods out there but what makes this one special (and why I'd been trying to find it again) is the fact that, in addition to great audio and much denser, more realistic ("sheeting") rain, it introduces a rolling foggy mist that greatly enhances the immersion and atmosphere of the storm. For my tastes it is, by far, the most satisfying and believable rainstorm mod that I've ever installed.


Now, the problem is that the mod supposedly causes save game bloat (which I can't confirm) as well as some kind of script error that often fails to turn off the rain when the weather clears or when the player enters an interior cell (which I can).


The mod's completely abandoned. The author hasn't been active in over two years and the comment section is rife with people like myself who love the mod but have no choice but to reluctantly uninstall it. However, since the mod is on the Nexus, it basically has to be left alone. I asked publicly if anyone could help me do anything to patch the file up but no one's responding, probably because they saw a moderator's (polite) reminder of the site's rules and instructions to make any discussions of tweaking the mod private.


I respect that, they have a right to enforce whatever policies they wish. But at the same time, I mean...am I just permanently stuck, then? I'm not trying to usurp someone else's work by replacing their file with my altered version of it or anything like that, I'm just trying to figure out how to fix its two errors- but since I don't know how to do that myself, I need help. And since the Nexus has a policy that only allows a mod's original author to mess with it- even if that author left the mod to die years ago (possibly because he died himself)- my hands are tied. I'm sure that the mod can be fixed, but I can't do it myself and I can't openly discuss changing it with anyone else.


What is this site's policy on such things? Can anyone here on LL help me?


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Guest kimbale

Modding is about fiddling with the available assets and always has been.


No one stops you from making your own version that works to your liking.

And if you want to share it, just do it. And if Nexus wants to bitch about this stuff again they'll just loose another modder. xD


Most modders add permissions to their mods, have you checked those?

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Well to be fair the moderator wouldn't have any issue with me fiddling with the file on my own, but the problem is that I'm no modder. I only have basic familiarity with the CK such as dropping objects and navmeshing, that's about it. The complicated part is the fact that, because I'm no modder, I would need someone else to look at the mod for me and discuss whether anything could be done about fixing it, what that would involve, and whether he could help me do it. Since the Nexus isn't comfortable with that conversation even taking place, it basically left me with saying "Hey, can someone fix this mod for me? Send me a PM". No one's biting, which doesn't surprise me given that a moderator warning (although, again, a polite one) is the first reply.


On one hand I agree with the notion that when someone puts their time and effort into creating and sharing something with the world, their work and their wishes regarding what's done with it should be respected. At the same time I wish that some people would be less uptight about what others do with said work once its creator has made it freely available to them.


I dunno. I appreciate the creators and what they do. I'm not looking to disrespect anyone or their work, or give anyone a reason to ban me...I'm not even looking to step on anyone's toes. I just want to use a great mod that was left with a couple of errors before its creator said hell with it and walked away forever. On that note nah, sadly he gave no permissions of any kind.

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