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Troubles with texturing Blender Model

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Hello everyone, I am fairly new here and I thought the collective knowledge of this forum may offer some insight on my troubles. I have been messing around with Blender and nifscope making simple 3D models in my spare time for a few months and last night I thought of making something that I would feel proud of putting into New Vegas. But I had no idea what, until my girlfriend started cleaning her piercings and I got an awesome idea.


She mostly has her ears pierced, but earlier this year she got two micro-dermal implants in her chest. Personally I love almost all kinds of piercings but I love the look if her chest dermals the most. So I decided to make a model of her dermal in Blender, with the idea to add them to Fallout as either a body add-on like a necklace or earrings. 


This is my completed 3D Model, I have read through tutorials (Blender's user manual) on how to add simple textures and followed them pretty much step by step. I created material lists and textures through the UV unwrap tool and GIMP image editor. The material window and texture window show my created textures and that they are associated with the model, but the model shows no textures (just generic gray) even with the draw type is set to "textured".   


Here is a screencap of the model, listing the textures I had planned for this project.



My model was constructed of 5 meshes that I joined into one. I'm not sure if this may cause the textures to not work properly or not.

I intended to upload my blend file to assist with troubleshooting but apparently I am not allowed.


I tried to export the model as a nif to examine the mesh in nifscope, but Blender continuously reported an error that my materials selected were not UV mapped, yet in the material window the UV button was selected.


Any and all insight, advice, comments and constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

Thank You, 



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EDIT nevermind, I see you unwrapped. After that you don't need so much. Clicking on the icon at the right of the drop down menu, where you choose edit mode etc., you choose Textured and it should show textured. If it doesn't, go in Edit mode, select all the vertices, open the UV tab and see if they really are on your texture (see picture)


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Thanks A.J. I went ahead and did a better UV unwrap, exported the TGA file in Gimp and layered a silvery colour on top of the UV points. The unwrap would allow someone with better skills to colour select areas, but I just wanted a colour job to see if it would work. I'm still not sure it did :P. Here are a few screencaps of blender's settings, if anything is glaringly wrong or slightly off I would much appreciate any insight.



Thanks again!,





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I feel you miss a passage, I think you build your UV (when you unwrap) but then you don't place it over an image on the UV window (not the material window).


I link you few screenshots of what I do, let's see if it's how I think. I feel you miss the passage in the picture uv4.jpg, you don't put any image in the UV window.


As initial suggestion, I would say don't care too much about the path or the format where you put them, drop in the same folder, you can change them / convert them / make them better etc. later, nifskope is pretty handy for these things.






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Ok, I see what what you mean, you're right I didn't realize I needed to open my image and overlay it with the UV, I'll give her a shot and update after.


Edit: I followed through your pictures and tried the process on the simple geometric cube and it worked perfectly. I then used the process on my model and it never showed as textured when in object mode. But if I switched to the vertex and texture paint modes the model becomes transparent and the assigned texture is visible.  

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I think the Dermal Piercing model may have been to complex. So I have put it on the back burner for the time being, we're it can stew for awhile. and started masking THIS!!! 




I have left the mesh components unjoined to ease texturing, once thats done I will duplicate and create a hold down strap for the tanks.

gona use it to add a little Mad Max-iness to a certain car mod.



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