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K so there are so many supercalifragilisticexpalidocious armours and clothes out there and even more on their way when CK comes out(I believe in you Bethesda ^^) you are bound to have some likes, dislikes and things that'll make you throw up. So I thought why not put together parts of armours to make something that I like!



devilgirl.jpgMade up of: Sexy demon armor, corpse killer, and Short skirt & Black tights




DominatingGirl.jpg Made up of Corpse killer armor, dark string armor, beltgirl, Tera L13 and Savage armor




CharCustom1.jpgMade up of: Airy Armor, Corpse Killer and Wise leader armour(i think that's what its called)



These ones have no names cause I suck at names :<, any way this is what I've done, now lets see how creative you guys can be!


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