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Best Adult Mods... for my taste.


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First up, please don't turn this into a senseless discussion of preferences. There is enough of these threads already.

I'm asking on my behalf here. Hope you can help me.




I've only tried Schlongs of Skyrim. Problem was, the schlongs on everyone are so damn small even on the highest settings and with all the dragon potions, they rarely lined up with the SexLab animations.

Either I need a suggestion for a new body replacer or someone could tell me how to fix that ridiculous size. If it comes to the latter, I only want real medieval men, so no shaved supermodels.



I've only had UNP+Mature Skin and even though I am in love with the textures, I'm sure there is better, especially with a little more meat.

I'm a sucker for the most realistic bodies out there, so no shiny perfect skin, no anime girls, no giant boobs. Just what the women of Skyrim would actually look like underneath (if they wash regularly). A little bit of jiggle would be awesome, but it's no necessity.



I was very satisfied with Lovers' Comfort, but haven't found anything else because I despise this whole "Hey wanna fuck?" - "Take me right here you big hero!" stuff. It would already be great to have a pick-up mod that was not written by a 12-year old. Any other suggestions for immersive SexLab additions are also appreciated. That goes for everything. As long as it's immersive, I wanna hear it.



Sorry if this sounds like I'm walking into a candystore and demand very specific requests. That wasn't my intention. I just want some suggestions for my specific taste and you're the best place to ask.

I would really appreciate if someone takes the time to read and answer this. 

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I think you might like SexLab Solutions, SexLab Stories, PayCrime, PayBandit, and possibly Amorous Adventures.  All link "the act" more or less into the game play rather than the "Hi, Lets F****!  OK!" sort of mods you want to avoid.

 As for the rest, well -- my opinion only - you might want to look at CBBE and build your own, or try out Body by Leito (unp base)

Schlongs too small? I never have that problem, can't imagine why you have... check the settings in MCM maybe. An Expert needs to answer that one for you.

Have fun.

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