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Body light issue graphic anamoly

Laird Leporidae

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Greetings, any help would be appreciated.

I installed a couple of NPC mods and when I next loaded up into Skyrim I got weird skin relfection affects from light sources.  I uninstalled all the new mods (and then some) and the affect does not go away.  I have googled and installed higher res skins etc. but the affect does not go away.  On a previous playthrough (before rebuilding everything from scratch) I got the same affect and could not figure out why and just lived with it.  I am hoping someone will take a look and realise that setting x should be y or something.  One of the NPC mods changed iTintTextureResolution but I have changed it back to it's original setting and I still get the affect.  I am sure that others have had (and solved) this problem but I am clearly searching for the wrong thing since everything I try makes no difference.  Thanks in advance for any help.




Fixed it by upgrading all skin textures to 4k.

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