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[Idea] Soul Gem Pregnancy Ritual


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There are a bunch of Soul Gem Pregnancy mods out there now.   

Just an idea for a "How does it happen?" integration.

Enchanted Dildo carved from a black soul gem and used with a ritual (which may or may not animate the dildo).

The ritual could be learned from a book, etc, and go under abilities.

Perhaps the soul gem dildo would be consumed by the process, and the ritual would leave a glowing rune tattoo on the belly.

My image of this is that you find the first one in a ritual chamber, with a book describing some perverted back story for it and another containing the ritual.

There could also be a pattern to craft the soul gem dildo.

This might require some unique animations for it to work, and certainly at least one unique item (the ubiquitous dildo), so I know i am asking a lot.

I just want to put the idea out there and hope it takes root in the fertile, talented and perverted minds we have creating wonders for us.





Had a thought while writing this up, could combine this idea with the one from the Estrus for Lovers Lab thread.   

Have the ritual summon a tentacle gang-bang that results in a soul gem pregnancy.

Could even have different colors for "turn mod on" and "turn mod off" rituals.

just a thought.

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Thought it would be interesting if the player could not do it herself, since it would not only require the soul-capturing spell, but also killing the... well, whatever is growing in that belly, without hurting the mother. And removing/disposing of the unborn, after all it can't stay in there (ok this is getting too dark already). So it takes magic skills but also surgical skills. There could be an experienced, somewhat shady and evil necromancer, who inofficially offers an "abortion" service. He offers this service for free, if he can keep the newly filled soulgem, or takes 10.000 gold if the player wants to keep the soulgem herself.


(must be the all black layout of this site that makes me come up with such ideas when staying here for too long)

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