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stuck in postrape animation

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hey there

so first i allready searched and try most of the things suggested here to get it work in the first place (so please dont flame me )



Raping other NPCs and getting raped worked good but when he/they are done with me i'm stuck in an animation,also enemy NPCs(Bandits for example) just stand around me and doing nothing,even with the simple option activated which will turn them hostile after 10seconds again(at least i've understood it that way) well this i can fix when i press the end-key,but then there is my other problem i cant do anything after i got raped,my Character just sit/lays on the ground holding here stomach.


I uploaded 3pictures from what happened right after the rape(first it shows the struggle bar,which i filled,then the run away text appears and then nothing


and as i said if i press the end-key the bandits turn hostile again,but still i cant move and defend myself which ends up in me being raped again.


>well i tried but i cant place them<


i hope at least one of u guys could help me with my problem




and sorry for my bad english knowledge

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