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What would you do in my situation?


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Hi friends,


I'm in a weird situation and need some advice. Can't get it from my reallife friends... I'm 27 years old and a paid intern at a cool firm that promotes movies. I do a lot of cool things, but never get to live out my creativity as much as I'd love to. After work and on weekends I'm too tired to make anything creative. All I want to do is sleep. I have the chance to get employed after the next few month and do pretty well. That may seem great, but I think I'm losing myself on that road, cause the only think that really makes me happy, is make films or do really creative stuff. Unfortunately I haven't found out, how to make money by that and my parents prefere me to work anywhere as long as I don't hang around and am bored -> creative. Being employed there would be cool, but not great. And cool is much more than I'd call any alternative that I've found so far. My cool jobs starts feeling like a prison to me (like every job did so far).


What would you do in my situation? :s

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Guest flingingfeces

Think you nailed it on the head in the last sentence. However if you love what you do and you are good at it then the prison feeling will fade. Also think about job security as well. Do you get benefits.


Think of all the good things this job is doing for you besides what you do while you're working. It helps me at least to know that I'm being productive and responsible.

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Experience is key in the working world. You said this internship is in the field you would like to be in but on a more creative level... stick it out and learn the ins and outs. Make contacts and eventually things will open up for you. Even if it takes you 10 years to make the move in those 10 years you will have learned so much and built bridges with hopefully the right people to help you along the way. Also the economy is still very shitty so in those same theoretical 10 years you will have a stable income which is to say a stable income and benefits from a "prison" is a lot better than no benefits, broke and unemployed.

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So are you saying you are an artist? If so, I can give you the name and number of a nationally recognized artist who was responsible for all the art in the coke main office, and several other things. As a note of caution, the guy lives in texas

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Thanks a lot for the offer! :-) My father is an artist and I'm very creative, but not that good in realization, I think. I won 5 prizes at small shortfilm festivals with films that were innovative, but not professional. maybe that helps me someday. I should prepare some more expensive films for an application for a filmacademy, if i'd want to be a professional filmmaker.

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I would practice zazen for 30 minutes twice a day! :D


And read Hardcore Zen.


But seriously, my advice is to go with your gut. By that, I don't mean try to follow your fantasy of what your life could be, but take an honest assessment of what your life is right now and then take an honest look at how you feel about the options you are considering, again throwing all fantasies aside. There is no could be, there is only what is. It's not my place to tell you whether it's time for you to move one direction or stay still. Even imagining myself in your situation is not the same thing as being in it. But given my current situation, if I had a job at all I would probably keep it. But again, that really has nothing to do with your situation.

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@Firedoom: Haha... :-D I'm somehow allergic to yoga, but I know your right! Would be good for me, if I had the time and the patience. If you want some motivational thought on getting you a job, pm me and I'll try to help. ;-)


@blueblue: Thanks a lot for the offer, but I don't want people to figure out who I am either. That's one of the cons of this community. :-D I also don't really care about oppinions anyway since I judge myself really hard and when I like what I've done, there will always be people that love my work and call it genius. Just like those he don't get it or hate it or misinterpret it.

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Payment/reward kills enjoyment from activity in long run. I can't recall what psychological experiment argued on that position. As undergrad of psych I can tell there was such experiment.


but never get to live out my creativity as much as I'd love to. After work and on weekends I'm too tired to make anything creative


You just said it. I think what you need is to be your own boss and decide things for yourself what to do, then you will live out to your creativity as much as you'd love to.

The problem is getting some top-dog position in your company. You can do it by:

-slaving away and claiming the corporate ladder

-starting your own freelance something, here are couple articles that gives some clues about it: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2006/07/10-reasons-you-should-never-get-a-job/




and a paid intern at a cool firm that promotes movies
I have the chance to get employed after the next few month and do pretty well


My two cents: I would flatten the guy (or the one who decided to say good-byes to me) if he wanted me to leave after this internship even though it could land me in jail. People in these days have no honor and let themselves be pets.


Everybody tells that we have capitalism, but truly we live in age of neo-feudalism. The name capitalism may suit only those who hold (self-sustainable) property in their hands, and are employers hence the term capital. All those who do not posses capital and work for wages are just workers, many people falsely believe they're middle class. Most of people just make ends meet and can afford little luxury. They're entrapped and lost their autonomy.





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