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Request advice (once more)


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Hey guys, second time I'm posting a picture I have made on here for guidance. It's still a work in progress and I only really have the line art done. 


It's a picture of Samus Aran for those wondering, I just haven't done the clothes yet either. Tell me what you guys think so far and what you think I should improve on. 70fdb3d80c.jpg

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The perspective seems good enough yet rather odd, but you might to want to either decrase the size of her lower body a bit or increase the size of her upper body; first option probably is easier to work through.

As for the face the 2 big problems (in my oppinion) are her nose and her hair. The nose probably would look better if it was a bit more pointy and less big.

The hair itself has multiple problems with it, the way it flows looks unnatural because of the way it defies gravity and it actually goes directly through her ear.



Took a bit because I had to do it twice (thank you, PS!) but here is a visualisation of what I mean:


Of course that is not exactly how the outlines should be (especially not at the strains behind her ear) because I'd need to get my pen and tablet to really draw that, but I hope you can see and understand my point better now.

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Well here's an updated picture. The Dodge tool stopped working on the light blue part and will only work with the shaded parts I made. I don't know why and I can't fix it so I'm probably going to scrap this. 5bcb89f046.jpg

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