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[Idea] Devious Quests


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A long while back I stumbled upon Devious Devices + Integration, and I think most can agree, that its pretty stellar work. The quest included was particularly inspiring for me when it came to quest ideas for mods and what not. In fact I had started to make a mod for it and quickly hit a snag in my development of it, but I also had another idea. So in the hopes that either I can collaborate with someone on one of these, or merely that they will be inspired by it I am going to tell you about those contained within spoilers of course.

The snag I mentioned prior to this was not being able to script compile from notepad++, and no I still don't know why. The first spoiler contains what I consider an easier quest to make, although one aspect is complex. The second is far more difficult in that my idea calls for a new animation involving an object, edited devious items, and an extensive dungeon with a story to boot.

The one that I actually started, I had named thieves folly, in which your character found themselves caught stealing from the wrong person. Initially getting the quest from one of the more nefarious thieves guild members Sapphire, your character would find themselves going on what should be a normal heist. Contracted to steal an item from a new home outside of Dragons Bridge, which contained a less than fortunate soul inside. The master and slave duo would be only the beginning of this thieves downfall as they found themselves doing tasks for their new master. Once a few tasks were done the master would send them to a friend of theirs to complete one final task. Upon completion your character would be offered something enticing. What you say? Revenge of course... You could choose to kill your master, and become enthralled by your previous masters friend. Upon doing so they would reveal to you who set you upon this path. The answer to that, well.. who knows?

Of course, I also wanted to include an option to kill your would be master out right, as opposed to having another unkillable Npc. This would send you on a course of what if. Now I wanted it to be so you could kill them at any point in the quest line. However for the sake of having a quest to continue upon death the Npc would have an item to point you towards a new goal. Unless of course you killed them right before stealing the item that you were hired to steal, in which case you would just go on about your business as usual.

And finally what I believe is an important aspect of Devious Questing, a random book that you can find with a detailed story of the adventures of some soul, such as Chastised

This one is what i consider a very good follow up to the experience that the forbidden tomb quest provides from integration. Upon discovering a new Dwemer ruin in the south near Falkreath (initial idea not conclusive), you would there meet a Mage. This Mage however insists that they are whats called an archaeologist {pff whatever that is} and ask you for their help in uncovering artifacts from the Dwemer ruin. Simple enough you go inside and after going quite far in the place you hit a wall, well a door really, five in fact. Each door is locked by a peculiar mechanism which seems to be the key to unlocking it. Each seems to fit a small device inside them although each seems to have a different fitting. When returning to the Mage above he explains that he thinks that he may have a way inside, but he needs some materials first, and some money to start excavating the surrounding area to look for artifacts and such.

Once you return to the Mage he crafts some devices to unlock the door, which of course you have to wear. Now if you are far along enough or have completed forbidden tomb at this point you get some optional story from the Mage. This device will allow you to open up one of the doors that you found. This sort of continues on with some special things behind each door, and more dungeon delving to do. Until you unlock the final door, in which you discover what the Dwemer ruins true intentions were. Of course all this is not indicative of what could be a final prodect, and a great quest i might add.

As for the first spoilers contents, I'm kinda done with it just because I don't know if I could return to my unfinished project. If someone expresses any interest in it, I'll see if I can dig up the old file (which I may have deleted) and make it available. For the second spoiler I am actually willing to work on it because I would enjoy designing the dungeon as well as working on the story. I may even delve into making the dungeon today or tomorrow to rekindle my desire to create a quest.

Now should anyone desire to create one of these, they do not need to credit me in any way. All I ask is that you tell me so that if it turns out that more than one person are working on it, I can bring them together so that there is no overlap. Should some one wish to work on the second spoilers contents with me, or simply create it themselves they can notify me and I will be willing to help however I'm able. The previous statement also indicative of the first.

~With devious intent:

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