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[Ask] Creation Kit (Solved)

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Hello ,


first of all im realy newb to modding.

i got a little problem with the Creation Kit.


can i load more than 2 Master File at the same time ?

(i've done config the SkyrimEditor.ini)





example :

- Skyrim.esm

- apachiiHair.esm

- CharacterMakingExtender.esm



if can , how to do that ? cuz i meet the dead end to load more than 2 Master file.


i hope you guys can help me.

and thanks.

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Drop this file into the skyrim folder.


This will make certain that if you ever have to verify files for CK you will not lose the custom settings.


You can also add others masters if needed.


it won't work on these files together :

- Skyrim.esm

- apachiiHair.esm

- CharacterMakingExtender.esm <-- ( i use Wrye Bash to change Plugins to Master files )


but work for other files. it's a big help for me to learn Creation Kit, THANKYOU!!


SOLVED except for this ( Skyrim.esm, ApachiiHair.esm, CharacterMakingExtender.esm ) to work together.

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