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Adding Cazy hair to Mojave Delight help?


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Hey! I'm simply trying to add the Cazy hairs into the Mojave Delight race. I've adding hairs onto custom races before, but I'm on a laptop right now and it doesn't seem to want to work, unless I'm doing it wrong because I haven't done this stuff in a while... I tried saving the .esp as a seperate file, and also saving it directly onto the MojaveDelight.esp and they don't appear ingame. Sometimes I would get duplicated races.


I would load 1CazyTestEsp.esp and MojaveDelight.esp, then I would open the race I want to edit and go into the Face Data tab. Then I open Character> Hair... Then I would drag all the hairs individually (Cazy and RainyDrops) into the "Hair Styles" box under Face Data and they would be in there. Then I would save it as a new .esp, or have MojaveDelight.esp as the active file and save it. Made sure the .esp was active, and when I head into the game the hairs don't appear in the character creator.


Soooo..... am I doing it right? Yes? No? Maybe someone else has a patch file they could share? Dunno. Thanks in advance!

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