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Help Request: Mod load order? Meshes fail


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Hello, I'm Ekrance, a new member, I recently registered in this wonderful community and started downloading mods, most of them work, but I can't seem to get some meshes to work properly. So far I've installed the following mods:


-SexLab Framework

-SexLab Aroused

-Schlongs of Skyrim

-SexLab Aroused Creatures

-SexLab Submit

-SexLab Defeat

-SexLab NudeCreatures

-SexLab NudeCreatures DG

-Horny Dogs of Skyrim

-Bestiality Animation Pack

-Bestiality Extras

-Eternal Black - Immersive Bodies

-Eternal Black - Immersive Bodies - Gender - Non-DLC edition

-SexLab MatchMaker


-SexLab Werewolves

-More Nasty Critters


That's a whole bunch of mods, I know, the problems I have are the following:


-The penises in most animals are shown as erect the whole time, when having sex and when not having sex or idle.

-When in werewolf form, besides the werewolf penis, I can also see the normal penis from Schlongs of Skyrim, in a blackish-like texture.


Is there any way I can fix this with a different load order of these mods, or maybe reinstalling them again but in a different order? I'm pretty new to modding when it comes to SexLab and I could really use some help. Thanks in advance.

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