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Defeat V5b3.1

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ok, i installed all the necessary mods, got a few "error" messages in game and fixed those, so now i no longer get them in game. I assumed the mod Defeat where the player gets raped, etc would work but when i attack a guard to see if it work i just get killed, i dont fall down and get raped or any such thing, the guard just kills me. Am i missing something?

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First off death alternative mod from nexus - its not hard dependancy for defeat but its usefull.

Secondly make sure you turned defeat on in MCM menu and that player victim scenarios are enabled.


where do I find the defeat on in MCM menu? I do not see that in the sex lab options

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ok, yeah i just had to wait a bit for it to come up. That worked, my character fell when low on health. But then she did not get raped like she was supposed to. I went through all of the mcm things and did the settings to what i think will be "nice". Character just falls when low on heath, weapon is tossed aside, they are stripped naked, then the guard walks away and nothing happens.

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maybe it has some limits concerning NPC morality - guards are usually set to best morality, so they wont commit any crime

tbh dunno - i use this mod for player aggressive  :D


try to check mod support topic here but well, its quite a big one  :P

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I assume you already use Sexlab 1.58b with all requirement fullfilled.


Maybe you can try to use Defeat's cleanup function or deactivate/activate Defeat.

If that still not work, you may have to clean uninstall it and re-install it again.

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It can also be because of your defeat trigger if you take to much damage to fast you can push past when defeat will trigger and then damyol will run you need to tweak when defeat will trigger I run submit personally but i find 20% works most of the time should work the same for defeat.

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For the sex lab version, I HAD (I think i fucked something up and had to wipe Skyrim from my hard drive to get my people to walk again) the latest version but I have never gotten any animations to play. I had the latest versions of sexlab framework, aroused creatures, nude creatures, defeat, and another arousal mod i believe. As for my trigger for when my character would fall, I had it set at 20% hp. My character would fall when I hit the heartbeat sound, but then the bandit/guard would just walk behind me and nothing would happen. My character would get back up after a few seconds and they would attack me again.

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