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Question about vampire mod


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I was just wondering if there's a mod out there that make vampire behave in a more traditional lore, as in dying instantly (or almost) when exposed to sunlight, and be vulnerable only to divine items and fire, I always thought it was a bit pointless becoming a vampire in skyrim because you could die from just any attack, like, if you're a vampire, you're supposed to be immortal-ish, only fearing the divines and the sun, so, yeah, is there any mod that makes vampires like that? and for that matter werewolves as well? like that you could only kill one using a silver type weapon, you could still inflict damage with normal weapons, but only be able to deliver the killing blow with a silver one.


Thanks in advance.

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better vampires have option for no / slight / hardcore sun damage. Hardcore wont instantly kill you but it deals enough to make it impossible to take a walk in sunny day.

and i guess even vania vampire is 50% more vulnerable to fire - if its not vanila then again better vampires  ;)


+ feeding makes your vampiric powers grow. After 400/1000 feedings all vampire weaknesses are nearly gone while you get plenty of new abilities and other buffs.


Guess there should be similiar mod for werewolf but i've never bothered to search - wolf suxx imo.

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