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How do I replace the Vanilla Children if they are in a mod?


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Basically, whenever I attempt to use mods like "Become King of Riverhelm" the vanilla children are placed back into my game. As a result of this, the Children of the Sky mod is in conflict causing weird glitches and errors. For example, the game will spawn half naked children of the sky bodies with vanilla child heads. Now from what I understand, this happens because the mod in question uses vanilla child data. I thought this would be overided by BOSS, but that doesn't seem to be the case because they are still there. I suppose my question is how do I replace the vanilla children if their data is inside a mod?

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Install the mod you want to win the conflict second.

This is much, much easier to manage with Mod Organizer, if you haven't already I suggesting switching to that. MO will show such conflicts and allow drag-and-drop resolution of them. It will also check your installed scripts and suggest install order solutions (push button solution) to resolve those conflicts.

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I think you'll need individual patch.  Have you checked out the new RS Children on Nexus?  It's new and looks pretty good.  It already has patches for the more popular mods like Inconsequential NPC and patches for other mods are currently being worked on.

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