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Sexout Pregnancy and Custom Races?

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Huh. I did some minimal testing to find out what the problem was (triggered anims with preg custom race and triggered anims with vanilla races), and searched up whether anyone else had the same problem (which others did have), and I thought I had discovered that the problem lay with the fact I was using a custom race due to the invisible thing only happening with preg custom races.To be clear, the bodies did not go invisible with the preg vanilla races, it worked fine, but not with the preg custom races, and only during animation. If I'm missing pregnancy meshes, I wouldn't know which ones I would be missing. I am entirely certain that it has nothing to do with my load order. Though I researched, I lacked something cohesive on what exactly was the problem, and because others suffered the same problem I thought I would have been given a by-the-books, straight answer. I was wrong; I should have given more detail. 


The invisiblity happens during the phase between normal gameplay and the animation, with the body swapping. If I take off my clothes before anim start, then the invisiblity would not happen, and my character would be fine, but always being naked isn't my style, and using Clothing Eval to enable sex anims with clothes doesn't feel right. Maybe it's because a delay in changing bodysuits? Maybe it's because these custom races were designed for type 6, and it maybe because I'm using Type 3? Maybe it's because of the proper body not being used in the SCR setting for player BodyType/Shape? I don't know.

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Ok so assuming we are setting the MCM setting in SCR for the Player to Type 6 and the Player is naked and no sex is occurring, is the body visible and different to the Type3 & BnB setting? So the issue only occurs when an animation starts and the Player MCM is set to something other than T3Cali. Or is this problem related to NPC's too or both? Is the Actor Pregnant, P1, P2 etc?

It's possible I do have a problem because it should work, the T6 & BnB Pregnant Bodymeshes are all in the Maternity pack with the T3Cali so should be installed ok.

What version of SCR & Pregnancy are you using?

Looking through the code I found something I fixed in the update I'm currently working on that may fix the issue if it is what I think it is, hopefully I'll release it as a beta in the next few days once I'm done more testing.

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No, it is not visibly different to Type3Cali. I don't know if it's the issue is the settings or not. Also, the invisiblity only happens when my player is wearing clothes determined by Clothing Eval to NOT stay on during anims, when she's visibly pregnant, when she's a custom race, and only during sex animations. The invisiblity only affects pregnant custom races, from what I've seen, so no problem with NPCs since they tend to use vanilla races (,and I don't know how to test custom race NPCs, either. If I could be shown how to make NPCs pregnant, I'll test it on Willow and custom ED-E.) 

The invisibility happens during the clothes changing and body alignment before the animation truly starts, but after tfc is enabled. The clothing is removed, making my character normal naked, but then my character's body goes invisible, often after a very short moment of being visibly pregnant (maybe less than a second). The animation goes as usual, but with my character just being a disembodied head and hands. (If it somehow 'bugs out', and my character does not go through being visibly pregnant, sometimes, my character's body does not go invisible, the animation is fine, just with the appearance of not being pregnant, but that only happens when using RapeKey)



If I'm naked and pregnant before hand, it works fine.



Using Clothing Eval to make sure clothing stays on:



Disembodied head and hands:


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Yeah, I normally block bodyswapping from happing on the player during sex as it causes this, for some reason to do with the camera NPC's don't have the issue. I did a change a few versions back and accidently stopped the block from working I think, have fixed for next beta release but I've got some big bugs to sort before releasing it cause I've fixed a few things and added features.


The P0 outfit on custom races points to the default installed mesh for the Player, the Player & NPC's are the same races so have the same meshes, a custom race makes the Player point to that races body mesh. And whatever you have installed there will be the bodysuit I think. It's pretty confusing stuff this custom race stuff.

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