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What sexlab mod adds music at the start of sex?

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Occasionally at the start of a sex scene some loud random song starts playing most notably gangnam style and I'm having difficulty tracking it down.  I've searched as much as I could on LL and couldn't find it.  I've went through most my mods and searched for a music folder and couldn't find what I'm looking for because I'm guessing its packed in a BSA.  I know with TDF prostitution you can add music to dances but I haven't done that yet and I thought it only plays during dances. My sexlab mods aree..


Framework 1.58b

SL Aroused

SL Sound FX Replacer


SL Solutions


TDF Prostitution

Sanguine Debauchery

Defeat v5b3.1

Devious Devices assets/integrations

Captured Dreams

DD Restrained 10.

More Nasty Critters 4.0


I may be missing some but I didn't want to spam you guys with around 400 mods was just hoping someone knows which mod does this.

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