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Sound trouble.


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So I have this issue with my sound, like it goes off periodically and I have to restart my computer for it to work again. Sometimes, I can't hear youtube videos, but I can hear the system sounds, other times it's the contrary, but it's more usually me not hearing anything. I checked my flash player, and it's up to date, my drivers are fine, I got my Windows 8 update in and it doesn't look like anyone else reported this issue for that particular update. I've done a complete virus scan and only removed some PUPs.

Also, I get a weird behavior on youtube videos where it would start to load, come back to the start of the video, load again then finally show the youtube error message, y'know "an error occured, try again later". I also can't seem to listen to music on itunes or the windows player.

Someone has any idea what is going on ?

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