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No prostitution; query on how to edit mesh associations

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Hey guys, could use a little help here.


when I outfit prostitute armors, no one approaches me, even if I'm strutting my stuff in gomorrah or anywhere else. How can I increase the rate of approach? I don't like getting raped, but if I'm paid for it, more the merrier.


Also, I want to figure out how to change file texture associations. Specifically, I want to change power armors and stealth suits to have the same look as the ghost variants (or anything sexier and pseudo high techy, let me know of what you guys like) or mantis zero suit. Problem is, while I have the meshes and textures and whatnot, I am not a modder and I don't know how to get those files to associate with the specific game id code.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

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