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Lovers Whorecraft - Playable version. 2014-07-13

Guest utopian13

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Guest utopian13

Lovers Whorecraft




modular beautiful people Last version (+chocolate elf ver)


Estrus Last version

Sexy Dance                        - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/29040/?



Sorry for my bad english, at first.


This was the my personal project to improve whoring system furthermore. More interactive customers, Faction system, Brothel, sex magic,etc. but i don't have time to improve this anymore by real world's problem imposing me. So I attach my mode here, with hope someone will find my mode useful and improve this. So this is a beta version, some feature is playable, but Warning you, many bug is still being there. 


This is Japanese version. Both of English and Japanese are not my mother tongue, But Japanese is better. 


Lovers Whorecraft has a three part of system 

1. Sex battle

2. Prostitution

3. Sex magic


1. Sex battle (Partly Playable)

 This is only applied to player-related sex scene.

 Now every actor have sex level calculated with there level&responsibility. During sex scene player and opponent's fatigue decrease. When each animation stage end, the rhythm game like combo system start and you must input right combo with Numpad. Sexlevel determine combo's number and input timing. 


 Player sexlevel is determined with speechcraft skill. This is only player feature. With each scene end player receive amounts of speechcraft exp depend on opponent's sex level and Battle result. battle result is span from -3 to 3, which means "Totally abused" and "Totally winning". 


 But I find this system is too hard. I recomment to use it automode. So It seems to be a noting changed, but system will working. It is needed to Prostittion system.



 Cyrodill's each Inn and hotel converted into brothel. Now all of cyrodill's citizen will actually visit a brothel and choose whore. And player have more option to please customer. Only prepared whore will be successful whore. 


 From start, player will recieve quest popup to start a prostitution mission. Player need to meet Claudia August to find out "new job". She will reject player as companion, As only best class prostitution can be a companion. Quest goal is earning more experience as whore and get to the top rank of the whore society. 


 Each Inn or Hotel has a rank need to work. For new comer there is only few inn for lowest payment. With rank proceed, more and more brothel welcome you as companion. In general, Inn and hotel inside of city has a high rank requirement, while suburban and remote inn has lower rank requirement. 


 As whore, you have several option when working.

  •  Alcohol : Every customer want some drink before thing begins. When you propose drink, Customer will look at your storage and get one bottle of alcohol.
  • Talk : This is easiest way to please customer. No money consuming, and no other requirement. Just talk to them. But too many talking will lower service quality.
  • Condom : Some customer have illness. Condom is the last barrior from customer. Buy it from inn owner and use it when you encountered with doubtful customer. But not every customer will be happy with condom, then you must use last option.
  • Reject : You can reject Customer who are very doubtful but refused to use condom or etc. Then reject them, and you can avoid possible problem with illness. (And illness will lower your service quality HUGE) Also, You will get a small amount fin as rejected customer. 
  • Cosmetic(BETA feature) : You can buy a cosmetic from general store and improve your pretty. 
  • Antibiotic : Sex illness will be only cured by Antibiotic. Visit Local Alchemy shop and buy it.


After work, You can recieve your payment from Inn owner, and now you can end the work.


3. Sex magic(Partly Playable, but buggy)

 After talked to Augusta Claudia, she insist to see Elemena to find out "sex magic". She live in Timber Septim Hotel 2cn floor. Elemena will give you a book named "Sex Magic". read it, And you will learn a several sexmagic. But It is buggy right now, so I don't recommend to use it. I'm really Sorry.


4.Sexy Dance(Playable)

This is oretuee's Sexy Dance mod. I want to integrate it to Whorecraft rank system so I integrated it to my mod, but I have no time..... to improve it. Don't use it or don't expect any more feature above original mode. 




I know this mode is far from the quality of public release.... Really Sorry for all. 





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