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Anybody have a merged male body nif? The FULL body, including hands head and feet?


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Heads will come out nasty I tried it before. To make a full body you could get a copy of your player skeleton it will have all the nodes needed you will also need nifskope. Make copies of the upper lower hands and feet place them into a folder for easy working on then place our skeleton into it. Double click the upperbody nif to load it into nifskope right click the body part then go to block - copy branch then hit load and click on the skeleton to load that up. Next right click scene root and go to block - paste branch - save as. Repeat for hands lowerbody and feet. Once everything is in the skeleton go to spells at the top and select batch - update all tangent spaces then spells again and go to optimize - remove bogus nodes.


Not sure if you would have to make 2 versions as there are 2 body nifs the low weight 1 and the max weight one.

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