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GECK world edit question


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I've adding a GynoChair to Dr Usanagi's New Vegas Medical Clinic, I deleted one of 2 Operating Tables and a Bloodstain and put the chair there, it looks fine in GECK but when I go there in Game the Table and Bloodstain are back on top of the chair, I've tried Fast Traveling away and back again but the Table and Bloodstain are still there. Do I need a clean save or something?

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no well it doesn't make sense that a deleted thing in GECK appears in game, a clean savegame shouldn't make difference. But really, you should follow nyaalich's suggestion, never delete vanilla but disable it, it will reduce the possibility of conflicts. There's also a specific option inside FNVEdit to undelete them and set as disabled.

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I got it, I wasn't sure how to disable it so I set it to Initially disabled and slid it down under the floor to be sure, it wasn't Persistant or sed in any quests/packages as far as I could tell.

The Undelete & Disable thing in FNVEDIT asked me to set some filter so I looked at the filter page, got scared and ran away :)

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Thers a choice in the menu to create the filter for you : "Apply filter for cleaning".


As a modder you should learn to use those functions ... :)

True, they ar probably good for something I've been doing over the last 3 years, I've only done any Navmesh in last 6 months :)
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