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Female Lich - Using "human" Lovers animation

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If I understand it right, idlepriority identifies a npc/creature via skeleton (vanilla) path.

So if that female lich uses the vanilla skeleton (I take it the path is the same?), it should be working (though you might have to copy the meshes of that creature to respecting path - that was a problem I had with fran's creatures).


What is your current situation - it doesn't work?

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not really. each creature type has her own iddles set within LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp . you need to check the full structure.


for npc this should be Characters\_male\IdleAnims


Creatures are different this is just sample from the top of my head.




These are the file types identified for animations.


For liches that should be Creatures\Lich\IdleAnims\

Now comes the hard part. Making liches play regular animtions. See the number for liches should be 223 for regular i changed it from 2701 to 2800 So i coild make more avialable.


The skelton for liches are comparible to regular npc. But cannot allow them to play at will. You have to add every single one from NPC structure to Creatures\Lich\IdleAnims\


But this is one hell of an undertaking. I never manage to finish. Once you have added all animations to liches you need to add the script called xLoversCMnGetCretureType. And look for lich and make the neceray changes there. Once you will see that regualr animations are chosen in game you can use the z key since they are now compatible.


This info could be somewhat outdated since i haven't played oblivion in while, and don't even own the game anymore.


It uses a copy of the human skeleton' date=' but it has a different path.



The reason why is the lich is a creature type, creature has a different structure. so all of the npc animation won't work till you add them in like the npc part.


This is not easy and very painfull process since you have to add first

xLAnim01 to xLAnim400 to the liches part. then under liches you need to rename to xLCLanims01 to xLCLanims400 also add the conditions in. This part is very time consuming.


NPC are xLanims and creature are named xLCLanims for creature.



From what i remember this tutorial was never released. wikijapan has this japanese but i manage to translate most of the stuff before starting with the animation project. I don't have anything from it anymore. Since i had to format my drive. To play other games like new vegas and skyrim.

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Well...that does sound complicated...


What would happen if I changed the skeleton path to the one in _Male (and moved any original animations and meshes)? Would it automatically use the npc animations like Lilalu suggested?

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no that is imposible tes construction does not allow you to change path for creature directly, even if you could it still would not work, since now it will use npc body instead of lich body when animations start, that will not work.


when you open LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp you will see why. When you look

Charatcers\_male\IddleAnims You will see more then 400 animations are added within xLoversIdleAnims This how npc know what to play when to play it who is defender and offender etc..


If you want lich to play the same as npc you need to readd every single animations to Creatures\Lich\IdleAnims within xLoversIdleAnim2701 tab. I think that is the number i used for it. Then it will use that and it will know who is defender or offender. etc..


If it was easy to do everyone would have created there own animation project by now.


The only way you will understand the system when you start translating every manual created by the Japanese for lovers with pk. But it is not an easy task. And no one even made any for it at least not avialable. I did not either. But that was because i was using it for my own end.

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