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Hanging on Logo, Need help with Load Order


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I keep hanging at the Empire emblem, but none of the menu shows up.  Can someone help me with my load order, since I have determined the problem is most likely something with that?  For some reason, I can't run BOSS, and MO isn't helping me.  I screencapped my entire load order, but I haven't found the pics yet, since my computer buries screenshots.  Can anyone give me any help, first with BOSS or finding the screenshots, then with fixing the load order?

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mod order/list would be helpful and for the more skilled your debug logs


edit also althought its good idea to have boss try using loot (made by the same people) its more friendly with newer mods ala skyrim personally i just use boss the anything oblivion also screen shots are normally in my pics folder unless made to point otherwise.

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