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Skyrim loda.jp shutting down?!


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EDIT:I just checked again and the reason for termination is because of copyright infringement and viruses that the site owner cant control anymore.


Termination date:

March 31, 2012


-1 to Japanese mod sites, very sad indeed. Rest in peace loda.jp.

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when a site shuts down' date=' the people go somewhere else

so the problem makes loda had may come here.


yes there are alot of mod hosting/listing sites

but not many like our beloved LL



I kinda doubt that. Japanese modders always tend to dodge either to their own modding forums or upload sites hosted in their own country. Not to speak of all the private blogs which can be hard to discover...


4Shared is getting popular again and so is Mediafire...not sure if those 2 hold up for long since the FBI is checking 'em too.

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