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Mod options being stubborn

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I've got Sexlab(obviously), Schlongs of Skyrim, Defeat and Dangerous Nights installed and all working reasonably well in that the animations play and I don't get any weird errors and all that...it's just that checking or unchecking certain options in the MCM for these mods doesn't seem to do shit, it behaves however it wants regardless.


Specifically, I'm trying to be able to get my female dragonborn to rape sleeping NPCs using cowgirl animations instead of strapon ones. Under Defeat>General Settings>General Scene Options, I have Animation - Female vs. Male checked, which SAYS "If enabled, females as rapists on males will use cowgirl animations instead of a strapon.", and under Sexlab>Toggle Animations I have all the cowgirl animations checked. The best I can seem to get it to do is to get the GUY to always use a cowgirl animation on top of me, riding either my invisible dick or a strapon based on whether it's forward or reverse cowgirl. Is there any way to get ME to mount HIM instead of vice-versa?


Also, it won't let me turn off the Spawn Stranger option in Dangerous Nights. :\ I can uncheck it, but it still spawns its crappy NPCs(discolored faces, horrible neck seams and unresponsive to SOS hotkey commands) sometimes even when there's plenty of viable regular NPCs around.


Edit: I tried the Sexlab Misc. Features thing which sounds like the answer to my problems, but it didn't do anything. And when I use + to have them swap positions, it works for the reverse cowgirl ones...but for like, Arrok Cowgirl it just makes it so he's laying down one way and I'm floating in the air at a right angle to him and we're both humping air, it's awkward.

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Guest nklh4x0r

That is the same problem I have! And Apropos descriptions make look it even worse, *Dragonborn cums in my ass* and all the stuff is on the bandit's ass after. 

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