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Unreal 3 ports


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I'm really wanting to port some armors from a couple games that use the Unreal 3 engine, but I'm coming up empty handed in my searches for information as to how it's done.


Any and all information you guys might be able to offer would really help. I'm stumped.

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u3 stuff can ripped easily there is tons of it out there right now, as for ripping just google the name of the game + how to rip models or how to rip models + name of the game


you should come up with at least 4 different forums where you can find information on how to do it


the only challenge is in converting the armor

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The main one I wanted to do was Aela's armor from Hunted: Demon Forge. Unfortunately' date=' it seems I can't export skeletal meshes from that game using umodel.




I was bored so I decided to check this out. Been messing around with this for a while... IT IS POSSIBLE TO EXPORT SKELETAL MESHES. Check the posts on this last page:



Took forever to figure out because they didn't really explain anyhing. But... I did managed to extract the weapons, still looking for armor...






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found the characters... was all in same package as weapons lol. ok, so here's the line i entered:


umodel -export -all -out=C:\tmp\umodel -game=hunt DFGAME.U


of course just change the -out= directory to wherever you want.


what messed me up is usually you'd have to rename the package extensions to upk for it to work. tried renaming the TFC files... nothin'. didn't think .U files (unreal script) would work. xD


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