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Odd clothing/armor bug: equipping one item hides another.


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So I'm using some of the Princess of the Woods pieces for my character, particularly the fur skirt piece, but I'm having an odd issue with it whenever I try to equip bra pieces from other mods.


I'm wanting to use something from either the Armored Bikini or the Huntress mods found here, but whenever I equip things from those mods it hides the fur skirt from PotW. It doesn't unequip the fur skirt, like I would expect it to if the items shared an armor slot, it merely 'hides' the skirt, making it appear like it's not equipped when it is. Has anyone else encountered a problem like this, or know how to fix it?


The only thing that comes to mind that could be a potential culprit is the new 'Devices Underneath' feature from Devious Devices - Integration, but the only thing I have set for that to hide are chastity bras on (which was left unchanged from its default setting).

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While I don't have much experience with Armor forms, I think that what you need to do is open the plugins in the Creation Kit and change (select/deselect) the Biped Objects (in the Armor window of each) as necessary so that they don't "replace" each other, though I don't know exactly you would need to do.

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Well, the odd part is that they don't conflict with each other's actual use of an armor slot. They're both equipped. The problem is that it seems that whenever I equip something that uses whatever armor slot the Armored Bikini or Huntress mods that I mentioned use, it hides skirt from PotW without actually unequiping it.


The same thing happens if I have the hair feathers from "Lovely Feathers" equipped instead of the PotW skirt (those both use the same armor slot), equipping the pieces from Armored Bikini or Huntress hides those hair feathers (but doesn't replace or unequip them).

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Nope, that didn't help any. The skirt still shows as equipped in my inventory (which I can un-equip and re-equip freely as well), but it doesn't visibly appear on my character whenever I equip pretty much any bra pieces.

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I believe I solved the problem. I spent a few minutes just un-equipping and re-equipping stuff to test, and I don't seem to have the problem of the skirt being hidden anymore.


If I'm right, it was indeed a problem with Devious Devices' new "Devices Underneath" feature. I went in and set everything to None in DD's MCM menu (disabling the default of chastity bras being hidden if slot 32 is being worn), and now I don't seem to have the problem anymore. Based on this, I can only assume that the PotW Fur Skirt was using slot 56 (same as DD chastity bras), and the bikini/bra pieces I was wanting to wear were using slot 32, so when I equipped the slot-32 bras, DD kicked in and hid the slot-56 skirt.

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