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XNALARA models to Skyrim porting !

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Hi all, just have a question - is anyone ever ported character models from XNALARA to Skyrim and use them as player model or as follower??? And how difficult whole process was???

There is god damn a LOT of great models for xnalara from a LOT of great games. So im interesting if that is possible.

For now i manage only open xnalara models in blender and/or 3dsmax (sorry im quite a newbie with this stuff) so i guess it IS possible, but i want to know how hard it will be? And if anyone did that before what kind of problems can/may arise during porting.


Thank you.

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Well everything is possible. You can extract files from any game and make it work in the skyrim and its not that hard as it seems. You just need a little patience on rigging model to fit skyrim body etc, deleting unecessary meshes, adding weightbones , remaking normals ( not always ). 


I've had sone fun already with deadspace and vindictus models and I find monsters and skimpy stuff easier to rig than full body armours or plates.


If you want you can check out nighttasy tutorials on the youtube ( how to port daz3d content ) , thats exactly what are you looking for.

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I guess your post here, Dexter146, is in a wrong topic . Cause i cant help you with your problem, and here im trying to find tutorials that can help me understand whole process of portng character model from any other game such as Resident Evil in xnalara format to skyrim as player model and/or as follower.

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