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TomagoClub/HiyokoClub vs. LoversBorn2....Question


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you can't, those 2 mods are incompatible since they basicly changing the same thing.

it's like working with lovers with pk and xlovers at the same time. xlovers is older version lovers with pk is newer. You can only have one of them active at any given time.

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O, kk, thanx Donkey.....I wanted to try to combine them because I like a lot of the spells/features in LoversBorn2 in the shop at the back of Bravil comined with the features of Tomago/Hiyoko....I had them both running, was pregnant and gave birth at Deepscorn Hallow, the Hiyoko Naming popped up, I gave it a name, but the boy wasn't there, and it changed the name of my charactor instead.....thusly my confusion of not knowing they were not compatible....thanx again ;)

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