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[Request] Cichol's Robes!


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Heyo! Newbie here. My post, for whatever reason got deleted on the Nexus forums, so I'm posting here in hopes that someone could add this to the game. After many attempts at trying to add the set myself I failed, Photoshopping I'm good at, but this? Not so much.


Here is my problem, I have the DDS textures for the set, and an XPS, but I myself cannot add the robes because I lack the skill needed. I'd add an image and a DL but it looks like because I'm new I can't post links yet. But a simple google image search of Cichol will show you what the robes look like. For those curious, the robes are from a game called Vindictus.

If anyone is interested you can send me a PM. and if I can't send a DL link from there I can give you my Steam name.

If anyone pulls this off, I'd love you forever.

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