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A Mesh with Two Pairs of Ears...


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Get a load of this:


This is a mesh I've made for race that I am working on for a request, based off of a certain Touhou character.


I figure that some of you are probably wondering what the point of this is when there are mods that add equippable cat ears that don't go over the normal ears - Apachii Goddess Store in particular. Basically, I'm someone who believes that the unique features of a custom race are something that should already be a part of the race, not something that one would have to equip.


Of course, that mindset will only make it harder for me in the end. I realized this when I opened up the CS and remembered that I can only have one texture for a single mesh.


Well, as far as I know, it looks like there's only one option for me here... I'm going to have to figure out how to make a texture of my own that will work for this. Or maybe I just need to figure out how to put the two different ear textures together and reconfragulagate the UV maps or whatever to match up. I don't really know what it is I need to do.


So, um, where do I even start with this?

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This is as far as I got in Blender before getting lost:


There's the texture for the cat ears on the right, but I don't know how to get that onto the object (which I have already joined), nor do I know how to switch uv maps (and I'm not actually even sure what that means). And I assume the purple is alpha, right? Because if it is, I already have the alpha textures for both textures.

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did you tried something simpler?, like using both ears in different places?, for example, i use cat ears in the place of ears, so they get animated along with the expresion of the face, then i add the normal ears in the place of lower teeth, there, i have a character with both ears in place and didn't had to use 3dmax to do so, of course you are free to do it your way o.

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Actually' date=' that seems like an alright plan, considering this race is for the PC. And I don't remember seeing the PC's lower teeth much.


I think I'll just do that until I learn to use Blender. Thanks for the idea.



always glad to help with practical ideas... now i need to learn to use blender and 3dsmax too, good luck o.<

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