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Blender Export error


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Did you link a new skeleton? Or attached something to old one?


I stopped that project last night... kinda gave up on it. But I did start a new one and it was very succesful. But of course after I edit the armor in blender thats when it all goes downhill and it lags like nuts. I only deleted a few meshes =.= then again that could probably be my problem.

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Well try exporting your armor without the skeleton, if the error is still there then...., but actually try linking it to a new skeleton. (It says armature blalala, cannot export, armature is a *skeleton*, so this might work.) Because when I did mesh edits in blender and linked it not in the right way, it said that I need to weight paint vertices.:P

As soon ask I linked the skeleton to my mesh correctly it all went splendidly.

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