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New race and story

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I am making a new race a story to go along with theme but I need some help the race itself works but is in beta due the males not have an sos skelton, I need someone to do that for me as I can not figure it out at all. I also need someone to help me make levels for the story and someone that can do good scripting as far as wiritng and fiving voices to various characters. So I am trying to make a Mode team for this group mods. If you are interested let me now rember someone that can add a SOS Skelton to the males. a level maker( not lieing be a while for it so need soemoen that can stick around for it), and a person that can sript the messgaes and assign th voices( also wont lie this may take time too). sorry if words are bad English isn't my main language. No information at this point will be released till the race irself is out of beta time. If wanting pics let me now

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