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[REQ] UNPB-BBP Tribunal Robes - Immersive Armors-compatibile version


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Can someone make a UNPB-BBP conversion of the Tribunal Robes in Immersive Armors?  There is a pre-existing UNPB-BBP version of the armor mod, when said armor mod was standalone, but I've come to learn that it is incompatible with the one in Immersive Armors.  While it does successfully alter the mesh, the textures are misapplied on the torso and skirt, making it look messy.


Failing that, can someone explain to me how to go about fixing it myself?

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No one, then?  Can someone at least tell me how to fix the models and textures myself?


maybe copy the textures and meshes over the immersive armors?

if immmersive armors is a bsa archive you might have to unpack it.




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