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A VERY BIG Request :3


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Heyo everyone i'm new to this forum and i see a massive amount of great stuff here. (you know what i mean :P)


I have a massive request, so i would like to call all those modder geeks and brainiacs who actually got everything on here to work in their skyrim, and help me with mine! :D


I have a thing.... for bestiality/interspecies rape/sex etc. whatever you wanna call it. So im looking at all these screenshots and i wish taht my Skyrim was just... like... that. I would like a step by step tutorial on how to install fully working bestiality, pregnancy, rape, slavery, etc. PLEASE make the tutorial be a clear step by step tutorial with points, etc. please make it literally look like for retards as i have fucked up my Skyrim so many times, it's just unreal and i'm now scared to touch any files that have something to do with it XD


I would like to have all the best stuff in it, of course it would be by your opinions but i guess most of you guys like the same things, otherwise this community wouldn't exist, if i'm right.


PLEASE do try and help me, i would be worshipping your asses until the end of all times.


Thanks a trillion!

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i don't know if will help much but if you head over to skyrim nexus (google search) should be the first one that pops up.  a program that will help you download and install mods. but for the mods you are looking for you will have to download them manualy and there is a button in nexus mod manager (The progam that skyrim nexus will give you) and add them to the manager and if i am not mistaken they have a tutorial on how to use the manager as well. as for your mods that you want like that i suggest a few mods. sexlab. and they should have a good amount of addons for the main one some of which are beastialaty and what not that you want. a slavery mod that is pretty good is sanguins debauchery and there are also some other addons for that one as well that  should get you started out. http://www.loverslab.com/forum/51-downloads-sexlab-framework/ this one will send you to a very large list of sexlab and allmost if not all of its addons.

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