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ENB issues (transparency, graphical glitches)


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Anyone willing to give some ENB help? I'm stumped using Google to figure this issue out.
I've installed Skyrim twice on this computer. The first time, zero issues using any ENB. Same hardware, nothing has changed except I updated my AMD drivers recently. Now I'm playing again, and I'm getting horrifying flashes of color, missing textures and eventually crashes within thirty seconds anywhere outside of the testing hall when I use any of the newer binaries. In the testing hall I just have missing textures but no crashing.
AMD Radeon HD 7800, latest (but not beta) drivers v14.2 with AA set to Use Application Settings, and other recommended changes based on the STEP guide. 4GB ram, plenty to run the game great (already said I used multiple ENBs on my first install). Turned off FXAA and Anti in the Skyrim Launcher.
I tried True Vision, using the .236 binaries, and it was unplayable to crash in Skyrim itself, and I have missing textures in the test hall: the floor and walls are invisible, same with my character. Changed to PoloENB, same problem. Then I tried Stacaddo with .108 binaries, and I have no graphics issues whatsoever. Which, great, I can use an ancient shitty ENB. I've run Goddess and others on this card before, I'm not settling for an old ENB.
I've got the amidianborn Book of Silence and Landscape textures installed. I had PPR on, then turned it off, and neither made any difference.
enblocal.ini to exactly that: VRAM + RAM - 2048.
Driver issue, or possibly something else? Memory allocation isn't the problem, nor AA/FFXA settings in the launcher, nor my CCC settings as far as I can find out on the internet. I tried installing the beta drivers for my 7800 HD, no improvement.
I appreciate any help!






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