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Skeleton issue ?


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Two things I would look at, obviously verify which skeleton you are using first off.  But also check that you didn't accidentally move a breast slider under showracemenu.  Since the deformation is only on one side, and your character isn't wearing clothes, it doesn't have anything to do with bodyslide.  I'm betting on a breast slider being slightly off, and then I'd check your HDT xml doc (assuming you are using the hdt physics version and not just the high heels mod).  


Something is obviously not balanced in the body itself, so you could always quickly check if HDT is the culprit by making a backup save and just turning it off, loading that save (ignore the warning about the save missing a mod and load anyway) and then check your character.  If the issue is resolved, then there you go.  

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Thanks for your interest. Just got back from holidays.

So I checked again without the HDT PE and thats not it.

I checked showracemenu and nothing was out of place there.

My skeleton is supposed to be XP32 Maximum Skeleton. Do you know any other I could try ?

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Well I still don't think it's a skeleton issue, but I'd drop the xp32 base skeleton and upgrade to groovtama's nextgen version.  Found here in LL.  Specifically:




Otherwise known as the xpmse skeleton.  definite improvement over the base model, and does everything that the base model does.  Just refined.  Lots of help in getting the load order right in that forum as well, although if you use LOOT (or boss) for ordering your mods, it'll come out correct in the list.  I use loot myself, since I'm getting far less in the way of CTDs after switching over to it.  and I'm continuously changing out mods and mod orders.


Although, it is possible that if something was out of place in the skeleton file itself - or in one of your body meshes (skin wrap issue with an out of place vertex or the like), then you could get something along those lines.  It couldn't hurt to load the new skeleton file (obviously deleting out the old one completely), and then also reloading the cbbe body as well.  if you use MO, just have it reload the mod (or force update the mod, even though it hasn't changed), otherwise reinstall/overwrite.  Since you aren't changing bodytypes it won't affect your saves or anything, and it prevents there being an odd error from an overwritten mesh file.

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Thanks for the link I did try that but no change. I waited to find something new before posting again.


I just noticed that when I use pinup poser there is no deformation !?! Does that give you any clue on what that means ?



It's the standing animation that must be bugged... When I looked carefully while waking I couldn't notice the deformation either.

Thanks again for your help. I'll try another idle and see.


Edit 2 :

After trying another idle the problem is gone ! Didn't think the animation could cause such a problem...

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