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I don't know if it was brought up on ll or not but I'm sure you've heard of project legacy? Unhonestly i don't know if the creator of the mod will come back to finish it but it seems really cool. 


One of the comments i read on the post section of it talked about your character actually starting out as a kid. Here is the comment from the one person who posted it on the mod. So if you all have any ideas about the creator coming back and all please comment 

''This mod hasn't been updated in a while, i would love to see a new update for it that made females get scarred aswell and stuff like that also why not make it so you age from a child and you have to actually do things that you would do as a child and so on throughout life like getting a job as a bard or that sort of thing it would mean that your character would have parents so you would know your history, infact why not make it so you can chose your parents."

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Well Project legacy is officially dead....the person that was creating it stopped working on it, I am trying to find a way to actually pull off the on player death change to offspring aspect...am brand new to modding myself so this is giving me some fits....think it would work well in conjunction with a couple of the pregnancy mods I have found here in lovers lab, but no clue how to pull that off.  Would think it could just age your offspring to a playable age, or find a way to use the aging part of that mod to go through different stages of life for them.

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