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Another HDT .xml file for you to try


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Fiddled with this for the past couple of weeks, but please let me know if you see room for improvement. These values favor a heavier body and frankly do not look right on a more athletic one.


I played with the center of mass values, which really seemed to have a decent impact. I was going for more breast swing & sway, and while it's not quite there yet I have no idea how to get it any better. The goal for the butt was to induce movement every time running was engaged.


On the CBBE Advanced TBBP body, you'll notice in Outfit Studio that the bone weights for NPC L/R Breast cover both breasts instead of just one. That's fine if you have an outfit that mashes the breasts together, but I highly recommend you strip all the weight off the opposite breast for the nude body and looser-fitting outfits for more realistic-looking movement.


I'm just posting this in case people want to try options. Feel free to use anything out of it you like.


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