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Seams and weird lumps.


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So yeah. I've got CBBE with Bodyslide 2, as well as HDT Physics Extension for breasts and bum. SG girls texture too.


I'm not sure what's causing this, and I am very sure those bumps are brand new and weren't in until today. I did install a belly-muscle texture, then uninstalled it, and now I'm wondering what gives.


Unfortunately, the forum won't allow me to post links yet but to describe it as well as I can, the seams start by the ankle, and vary in size depending on which weight I pick in ECE and as well as the sliders I put in Bodyslide 2.


The lumps start..sort of at the hipbone, and stick out quite a bit, looking somewhat jagged and just all messed up.


Thanks for any help I may get!

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