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Mala (Evil) - The Game of Games 02/13/2010


The game has already begun...


what the hell does that have to do with the topic at hand?


I think maybe he just got confused by the title. Reason i clicked on this thread was because i thought it was a thread for actually posting screenies lol. But it is a technical support question and kinda in the wrong thread lol.



I was having the same problem and it has something to do with the video card and crap like that and i read up a solution on nexus which is what Jay has linked for you itll your screens will come out as intended once youve started using fraps to take your screens just remember to set your own hotkey for them.

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ummm, that happened to my screnies, after i installed screen effects to play blade song, that mod wants that installed, then all my screnies got black and white and diagonally made... i went back to ye olde data back-up and reinstalled my mods, except of course blade song and screen effects, not like i didn't like how screen effects made my game look cooler, it was because i got tired of my B/W diagonal photos

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