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No lovers options spell D: (Solved, sorry I'm dumb)

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I know I have installed everything correctly because all the functions work properly. I get a bunch of spells involving lovers but, for some reason, I don't get the lovers options spell and its frustrating :@


I've tried to find the problem for a bit. I have the right version of obse (v20.6), I've gotten my load order correct (I think), no conflicts when installing, I've used archive invalidation with obmm, all the esps are active and I've tried deactivating all the esps and esms, loading the save, saving, quitting, reactivating them and loading again. No avail. Any help would be much appreciated :P


If it would help, I could post my load order in wrye bash.

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I find this really hard to believe. Could you post us all of the new spells you got? Qnd make sure you are looking at ALL of the spells, not just at the illusion or lesser spells list etc.

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Sorry about the delay in replying... I'm a little new to the site don't really know how to use spoilers and such. Anyway, the 2 photos are of my main spell list. It's really short, I had decided to start a new character because my old character was so cluttered with random shit lol.

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That's fine. And it appears that you in fact do have the lovers with pk general settings spell. It's the "sexual exploits (lovers settings)" spell. The "(Contact)" version is for special settings for NPCs you use it one. The first one will allow you to change the PCs voice, change clothing options during sex, toggle combat during rape etc. If you need help, just ask.

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