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Need help with nifskope.


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I am trying to make a new race by mixing parts of different mods and edit some armor meshes but I have two problems.


First is when I go to transform>edit and change spot of tails and ears then save, the changes do not show in game. When I go back to nif file to check I will see that the change I made is still there.


Also Some armor and body meshes show up blank in nif skope.



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When you edit a skinned mesh using Transform, be sure to go to Transform > Apply. You will get a warning that the skinned nodes may not animate like you'd expect them to (because the nodes and mesh are now in different locations), click "Try anyway" to apply the changes. Then save and your mesh should be moved in-game.


If you mean the armor shows no texture, then that is normal because the mesh you are editing does not have it's texture folder in the destination it is locally--it's just how NifSkope reads the directories. There are several ways to get around this, but the simplest way is by moving the .nif into the folder before the textures folder in the texture's address.


Hope this helps!

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Ok. Sorry for late response. Could not find spider that ran past table and had to leave room for while. <_<


I found something else.

When I edit nifs on the desktop then overwrite old nif in skyrim folder it still shows really old nif. I am not sure how to post pictures so i link my photo bucket.




^^^^^                             ^^^^^^^                             ^^^^^^^


Sorry for my bad english skills but I explain as best as I can

The nif on the left is the same as the nif on the right. The right is open from my skyrim folder and left is open from desktop where I save works.

I made new shape in body slide and added body hair mesh but the skyrim folder dosent show the changes.




^^^^^                              ^^^^^^^                        ^^^^^^^


When I open nif from skyrim folder it does not show the new nif but it still shows in the game.







^^^^^^                                              ^^^^^^^                                            ^^^^^^^^

This is what I mean with some nifs being blank.









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That is because you left the one in the Skyrim folder open after overwriting it with the one from the Desktop. NifSkope doesn't auto-update on file overwrites, so you'll have to jump back into the window of the Skyrim folder's .nif and tell it to Load the file again if you want it to look updated. After the overwrite, Skyrim should load as it should, so everything is working fine, you just left the old file open on NifSkope, so it will continue to look old until you close it out or reload the file.


As for your blank .nif, I think it's because the texture or shader that is attached to it (or even vertex colors) is black, so it matches with the background, making the mesh look invisible. If you open the collapsed branch by clicking the little minus sign near the "0 NiNode", there has to be other branches inside, unless it is really a blank .nif. Clicking on one of the NiTriShapes should reveal the objects' wireframe. Alternatively, you can always change the background color to display other than black. To do this, click on the menu: 'Render' > 'Settings...' Then click on the 'Colors' tab and change the 'Background' color under the 'Colors' section. You can change the other color settings too, though I don't recommend it unless you really want to.


Hope this helps!

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