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Help with installing clothing mods


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im not sure how to do this, i see tbbp, bbp, all these fancy words i dont get it. Ive gotten pretty far with my mods but the basics like adding clothes, i am dumbfounded.


basically i have hdt body 1.4 and hdt physicsExtension 14.28 + extended maximum 32 skeleton.

along with racemenu and custom bodyslide.


which types of cloth/armor downloads can i get? only tbbp? or cbbe? can i use 7base ones? seems 7base has the most clothing mods.

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hdt body 1.4

I'm not sure but which kind of body did you download, as hdt body only means that the meshes are hdt enabled. I know you can download hdt-body sevenbase version (it says alpha or beta, not sure xD) but it works fine. 

  • TBBP and BBP are something completely different from CBBE, UNP, etc.
    BBP means the breasts of the armor/clothing are animated, so they will move when you move.
    TBBP is basically advanced BBP with inculded buttbounce. 
  • CBBE, and UNP, and Sevenbase are bodyshapes, meaning the armor/clothing will fit to the bodytype it says. You should install e.g. Sevenbase body meshes to your character if you want to use Sevenbase Armors/Clothing.
  • Sevenbase itself is a bodyshape compatible to UNP so any textures fitting to UNP will also fit to Sevenbase shaped stuff. CBBE is not compatible to UNP so there will be awkward texture alignment between those two shapes.

I hope this info helped you a little. ;)

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oh i guess i didnt download a body then, i just use bodyslide to create body using setting for HDT CBBE. 


i suppose im using hdt cbbe body then. If this is correct, then i could create body for 7base and other bodies, then i can use the clothing/armor or choice?

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k i understand now, thanks. i just havent read about this stuff in awhile, when i installed it, i did it quick and kinda threw the hdt together and boom, there we go lol.


im guessing i have cbbe type body though? cuz i created body through bodyslide 2.0. Made under HDT CBBE preset.

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