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No start menu


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I was playing and find out one of my weapons didn't have a texture...i forgot to install it.i get it installed but when i load my game back up there's no continue,load new. Only the dragon symbol and that's it.And when i restarted my computer and tried again same thing happened but now steam says i'm playing skyrim .....which i'm not. anyone no whats wrong.

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Sounds like you have a missing master. You could use LOOT to sort your load order, it may prompt you as to a missing master file as well. You could also use a mod manager like Wrye/BAIN or better yet Mod Organizer which can help with detecting that issue and more. TES5Edit is another good way to detect a probalem, load all mods and watch the data crawl, if it encounters a problem it will give you an error message in load order and you can sort it from there.

Otherwise, simple trial and error, disable 1 mod at a time and attempt to launch, when you finally get a start menu you know the problem was the last mod you disabled.

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I may be misusing the term. I've had that issue with no menu choices, most recently it was caused by bad merged plucins I created with the TES5Edit merge script 1.65


For more on that (if you've recently created merged plugins) check my "I just switched from Wrye BAIN to Mod Organizer & am getting CTDs post in this forum. The merge plugin script is good, but I wasn't finding errors in the merged esp files, see the other thread for a tip on that.

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