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Fallout 3 Pregnancy Mod?

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My first topic, so I hope its in the right place.


I've taken a break from Oblivion and fired up fallout 3 again. Great game with some great mods, but the one thing that keeps bugging me is the lack of a single pregnancy mod.


I found this http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/topic/107474-wild-girl-of-the-wastes/ but it seems to be long dead.


What are the chances (if any) that a mod like this will come about? Something like Oblivion's TomagoClub? Now I know fallout's mod community isn't as strong as Oblivion's and I know nothing about building mods, but wouldn't it be slightly easier to create a pregnancy mod in a game with children already implemented?


If anybody reading this knows something I don't, feel free to share. Or if there's a hero who thinks he/she could pull a mod like this off, step forward!


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