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Need help with chars neck glitch

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So, my game forced me to re-install it. So, DLC and mods, SOS, SexLab, and on and on...

When I finished it, I've boot up the game, make new char and then this happen.




After numerous “showracemenu”-commands and neck adjusting (Using ECE; while adjusting face feature neck seems to attach to body again), this glitch still happens (after you close menu, neck bumps-up off body). Even save-load isn’t helping.

-Oh, well,- I think to myself, I quit game, boot it up and start new game, make new char(female this time), and then... her neck goes off the body just like on picture above...


Then I reinstall skeleton; then SOS and 7B mods; Still same picture.


So, long story short, do this may or may not be ECE glitch? Or this is a skeleton glitch?

More important, what you, guys, need to help me?

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